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I live in the North West of England in Cheshire and I carry out session face-to-face, on the telephone or via Skype.

I arrange a 30 minute initial consultation at my expense. This is to ensure you will get the maximum benefit from the sessions and that we have the chemistry and connection and are both are happy in continuing.

Once we agree to work together, we will decide on a block number of sessions, paid for in advance.

Your first paid for session is an 'Intake' session; this is for both of us to establish a starting point. I will send you some information to fill out before we start and I use many tools to gather information in order for you to gain maximum benefit.

Contact me by telephone on 079777 65632 or 01457 838681 or email me.

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You can feel out of focus for many reasons, nothing is too small or unimportant and you can change if you have the desire to.

Contact me to arrange a Free 30 Minute Consultation.