We contacted Jenifer when our 17 year old daughter was feeling very down and suffering from anxiety in social situations. We had previously tried other counselling and Cognitive Behaviour therapy without success. Jenifer was able first of all to make our daughter comfortable and relaxed in her presence and over a period of a few weeks, to help her to think differently and to change some of the deeply held beliefs about herself. Jenifer really helped our daughter to get back to who she really was and to be proud of her uniqueness. Our daughter is now once again the happy, cheeky bubbly girl she used to be and is firmly back on the right track. We cannot thank Jenifer enough.                                                                           

Relieved parents 

Until recently I pretty much handed over my life on a plate to everyone else. I let them tell me what to wear, I let them have an impact on the things I say, and I allowed them to control the direction of my life. After my sessions with Jenifer I feel like the steering wheel is firmly back in my hands. My sessions with Jenifer were like a real life self help book that taught me my life and everything inside it belongs to me. At 17 being too scared to be myself was quite difficult, I felt pressure to have a career, good grades and everything else. I was also terrible when I was around other people so was incredibly nervous when I had my first session, but Jenifer made it so easy for me to be myself and was so reassuring to talk to. I knew that I could tell her anything that bothered me and I wouldn't be judged, nor would it ever be repeated. Now, I feel happy that I've finally established where I want to be and through my sessions with Jenifer I've discovered things about myself that I didn't even know were there. I re-discovered a passion for writing, and realised that's exactly what I want to do: be a writer and published author. It might sound difficult but Jenifer made me realise that it is possible.

Rebekka - Author

When I first met Jenifer Lord, I knew what I wanted from my life and from my career but I wasnt achieving it....... At our first meeting we discussed exactly what I wanted and just by listening to the way I was talking and the words I was using, Jenifer very quickly ascertained why I wasnt achieving my goals / vision and she helped me to realise this and I began to understand what I needed to do to ensure I started to make serious progress towards it.

Without going into too much personal detail, I've now made some major changes in my life and I have totally changed my attitude (I was always positive but I'm now certain and truly believe that I'm well on my way to achieving my vision).

When I look back on where I was in my life when I first met Jenifer and compare it to where I am now, the difference is huge...... I've made massive changes and definite progress to where I want to be.

I am a great believer in Kaizen (constant and never-ending improvement) so I fully intend to stay in touch with Jenifer as my goals / vision continuously change and evolve.

She's amazing..... Meet with her, you'll see what I mean!!!

Paul Johnson, International Property / Investments Expert

I am a person who has spent a number of years being guilty of self-sabotage. If there was a way for me to keep myself from accomplishing what I wanted - I'd find it. Moreover, I used to look at the incredible lost opportunities and go the extra mile of beating myself up about missing out on them. Around and around it would go.

I first came to Jenifer Lord for coaching to help me overcome this cycle that had me so stuck. However, the sessions turned out to be much more than I had expected. We began the process of looking at the roots of why I was getting in my own way. Jenifer has an ability to ask just the right question or say just the right thing at the right moment to completely change your perspective. She's done this numerous times with me and it really brings things into focus.

The coaching helped me to accept my circumstances for what they are (scars and all) and to allow myself to take the steps necessary to become unstuck and grow. Having done these sessions I feel I am grounded in who I truly am. I know which direction I want to take and I believe I have the tools (and trust in myself) to deal with any fear that comes up as a result of making changes in my life. This is, and should be, a lifelong process and I am grateful to Jenifer for helping me to get the wheels rolling again.

Stephen Cook, Director of IT

I started to see Jenifer, as I was fed up of always feeling stressed out with work and fed up with my self esteem being dependent on what others thought of me. I knew that Jenifer would be very easy to talk to from the moment I met her. I only had about 8 coaching sessions, but since them I have noticed I am much more aware of how I talk to myself (and the effects this can have on my state of mind), how I react to others (not always going in to victim mode), and realising that it's an emotional roller coaster if other people are in control of how you feel about yourself. I also found it a tremendous support that I could phone her whenever I wanted. I am sure I will go back to Jenifer at some point in the future.

Michelle - Head Of Business Development

Reaching out to Jenifer was an instinctive reaction for me, I found myself in entirely uncharted territory, living far from home, friends and family, unable to attend work, go to the gym or visit the supermarket because of acute anxiety attacks. A stark contrast to my life up until then which I guess in conventional sense had been relatively successful and certainly I had never given a second thought to shopping.

During our skype sessions Jenifer's stillness and energy filled up the room, and as I spoke she listened and then asked the all important questions, those questions that made you just stop and feel the answers inside of you, those questions that your body has answered time and again but yet you've never accepted them.

Jenifer provided for me a completely safe environment with absolutely no judgement which allowed me to accept the anxiety as a message from my subconscious mind and body that there where unresolved issues that had to be resolved, some of which it turns out began 10 years ago.

In relatively short time I started to take various actions whether that be talking things through with family, beginning to let go of ego and judgement, or deeply listening to myself. Critically Jenifer helped teach me to be responsible for my own feelings, and let others be responsible for their own.

I am now living exactly where I want to live, but more importantly exactly how I want to live, I'm physically healthier, and have even started to play the guitar, something I've wanted to do for some time. The journey continues, but thanks in large part to Jenifer's incredible support, guidance, empathy, and understanding of the mind/body connection I feel comfortable and happy to walk the path wherever it takes me.

Neil Jack, Retail General Manager

"Before I started having my sessions, I wasn't quite sure what to expect or what I would get out of it. I knew I wanted to improve my confidence and to get a handle on some fears which were starting to affect my everyday life. Jenifer has helped me with both these things -and then some! With Jenifer, I have explored pretty much every aspect of my life. It's been a sort of life MOT if you like! I have explored my fears and ambitions and discovered things about myself I didn't consciously know. I have discussed with Jenifer, and in turn, told myself, things I have never spoken about to anyone. Jenifer doesn't judge or react. She provides a calming, reassuring environment and forces (in a nice way!) you to question the why's and how's of whatever the issue of that session is. With Jenifer's guidance, my life and how I think has changed substantially. Thank you Jenifer, you are brilliant"

Emily Howe, Freelance Writer

Jenifer - Thank you for our sessions over the last couple of months; I don't know what id have done without you. It has been the hardest time of my life just recently and not only what has been happening at the moment, things that have happened in my life in the past seemed to come to the surface. With your guidance and listening I have learnt to think about things in a different way and to stop beating myself up about what I thought I should be doing and what I thought people would be thinking of me. I now concentrate on me and what I want to do and have realized that by doing this I am a better and happier person anyway. Everyday now I use some of the things we discussed in our sessions which help me to change the way I think about things. You are truly brilliant at what you do and I’m thankful for all your help and guidance Thanks again.

Lisa, Construction Office Manager

Initially I contacted Jenifer as I spent a lot of time worrying and believing that the worst would happen. This constant way of thinking was spilling out into my life and affecting my personal relationships. After only a few sessions with Jenifer I started to understand my thought process and so change the way I thought about things. Now, every morning I stop my 'normal' way of thinking and I have a chat with myself about what I've learnt during our sessions. I am so much more calmer, happier and at ease with myself and this is having a positive affect on all areas of my life. The biggest and best thing is the not feeling guilty about distancing myself from people who dont make me happy. Wonderful!

Mandy Wright, Entrepreneur & Business Women

"Jenifer’s logo is ‘Connecting back to yourself’ and I feel that is exactly what has been achieved through my sessions with Jenifer. Using various coaching techniques as well as key skills of empathy, non-judgement, patience & listening Jenifer helped me to see the anxieties and pressures in my life caused by myself and others' expectations and made me question what do I want out of life? What makes me happy? This has helped me start on the journey of self discovery, I am still on that road and although there is up and downs overall am enjoying the trip. I highly recommend Jenifer."

Barbara Shakespeare, Project Officer

I attended a workshop with Jenifer on an NLP. Since attending the session I have used the technique she introduced me to several times with great effect in my work with my clients. Jenifer has a really helpful delivery style the session was both fun and enjoyable but also I came away from the session with another tool in my coaching toolbox. I have no hesitation in recommending Jenifer to anyone wishing to develop their interpersonal skills.

Gillian Kitchen, The Change Agency

Jenifer; the Workshop Session of yours which I attended left me with some conciliatory reflecting to do. Carrying on with future coaching sessions I realised how unconsciously I had picked up a little diamond from your session when one of your suggestions wonderfully appeared as if by magic in one of my coaching sessions. The result was powerful for my client and I had that ahh moment in my head. I've since used it again and again and with great outcomes. Thanks for sharing with us all.

Katy Coulson, People Development Manager Tesco Mobile

I went to Jenifer to help me to become successful in a promotion to the next level of Management in my career. I had previously applied for promotion but been unsuccessful at the interviews. After the hypnosis sessions I initially had an intense headache at my forehead, which eased gradually after drinking water. That night I slept really well and woke feeling relaxed, together, less tense and my mind felt clear. I hadn’t realised how much discomfort I had held within myself until now, it has gone. I released it with the guidance of Jenifer’s unique skills and mastery of this technique. My body and mind feel very different having released the tension that held me back from being the successful, happy, relaxed person I was truly born to be. I can’t thank her enough.

Julie Walker, Team Service Manager Social Care

Since starting my coaching sessions with Jenifer my life has completely turned around. I had felt as if I was going round in circles for years. The coaching helped me to identify, amongst lots of other things, my father’s voice telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. This was a huge realisation as my father has been dead for 36 years but he was still influencing the way I made decisions and my life. Once I had identified this my whole life began to transform and my confidence increased by the week. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jenifer whose patience, professionalism and passion has been outstanding.

Sue Braithwaite, Midwife NHS

I cannot believe the impact that having coaching with Jenifer has had on my life. I am actually completing things that I started years ago but lost interest and motivation. I no longer just think about doing something, I actually do it! I have recognised the patterns and the beliefs that I held that did not serve me and I have let go of them. Getting into this habit has totally changed my perspective on tasks and indeed where I want my life to go and in which direction.

I’ve decided to say YES to life and start living it. I cannot believe I waited for so long!

Dave Howell, Fireman; Stockport Fire Service

When I started my journey with Jenifer I was unsure what to expect but after our first session I began to realise that I spent a lot of my time trying to make other people happy and getting them to see things from my point of view. After my coaching sessions with Jenifer I realised that my own happiness was the most important thing, Jenifer helped me to identify some of the barriers that I had put in front of myself due to past experiences and really helped me to achieve my goals. I would never have realised how much my past experiences had impacted on the way I view things if it hadn't been for Jenifer.

Vicki Leatherbarrow, Customer Service Manager Retail

"Seriously, book Jenifer now if you wish to see things differently and drastically change your own behaviours that maybe holding you back you but don’t know it or may not be aware of them. After 6 coaching sessions with Jenifer, not only had I a clear action plan for my professional career but a whole new way of experiencing all of my life. Priceless!! Jenifer’s holistic approach, coupled with her soft and intuitive manner ensured all sessions revealed more of what I really wanted. I would urge anyone who is serious about sustainable change to work with Jenifer."

W. Fraser, Business Dev Manager

When I started coaching I hadn't realised how much of my life I spent making other people happy. Jenifer supported me to recognise this pattern and change myself so I now live my life for me and not to please other people. Jenifer has an open, easy, relaxed style that helped me relax and trust the process she uses to get to the outcome of the session. It was always a surprise to find the root of what was holding me back and never in a million years would I have known if it hadn't been for Jenifer. My life is so different now to how it used to be only a few weeks ago. Working with Jenifer is life transforming and without her a step I would probably never have taken. I can't thank her enough

Julie Parry, Social Worker/Holistic Therapist

You can feel out of focus for many reasons, nothing is too small or unimportant and you can change if you have the desire to.

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